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Who We Are

Welcome to NextGen Tek Consulting, where we're not your typical consulting firm. We're the tech geeks, the creative thinkers, and the innovators who make the digital world tick. If you're looking for a tech-savvy partner to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of Sustainable Smart Cities, DevOps, Machine Learning, Mobile Apps, Native Cloud Computing, and Open Source, you've just found your dream team.

What we do

At NGT, we're not just consultants; we're the architects of future possibilities. We're the ones who can turn your ambitious ideas into reality, and we do it with a modern, fresh perspective that sets us apart. We're not bound by the usual corporate jargon or stiff suits - we're the dynamic, approachable faces behind the solutions that are changing the game.

Our Passion

We're passionate about technology, but we're even more passionate about what it can do for you. Our energy isn't in lines of code; it's in making your business smarter, your city sustainable, and your future brighter. We thrive on challenges and live for those "aha" moments when a problem turns into a groundbreaking solution.




“When technical expertise meets a business vision, the future unfolds.”

Harry Hunter, PhD, CEO of NextGenTek

Our Core Values

Social Equity

Ensuring fair and inclusive employment practices, diversity in the workforce, and community engagement initiatives that benefit underprivileged communities and bridge digital divides.

Continuous Education and Advocacy

Promoting sustainability within the industry and beyond through continuous education, advocacy for green technology policies, and sharing knowledge about eco-friendly practices to inspire positive change in the broader tech ecosystem.

Innovation for Sustainable Solutions

Embracing innovation to develop and deliver sustainable IT solutions, such as energy-efficient software and eco-friendly hardware options, in order to demonstrate a commitment to creating a more environmentally conscious technology landscape.

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